Veranstaltungen im Monat
April 2020


Hiking in the “Mill Country” of the idyllic southwestern Palatinate

The charming countryside of the southwestern Palatinate with its ancient milling tradition and rural life in the former “breadbasket of the Palatinate” played an important role in history. Today Sickingen Heights, the land of the missionary Pirmin, and the valleys of the Wallhalb and Schwarzbach rivers with their mills are places of recreation enjoyed by hikers and bikers.

The new hiking and biking trails take you to the most beautiful spots between the Palatinate Forest state park, the Saar region and the Northern Vosges state park in neighboring France.

Where friars, kings, emperors, knights and dukes once had their monasteries, summer residences and popular hunting grounds you can now indulge in your wanderlust.

The “Palatine Mill Country” is wreathed by Zweibrücken, the local duke’s residence, Homburg, the beer brewing town, the baroque town of Blieskastel, Landstuhl, the home of Franz von Sickingen, Kaiserslautern with its ties to the emperor Barbarossa, Pirmasens, renowned for its shoe industry, and Bitche in Lorraine.


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